Amazing Ashtanga Yoga Benefits & Weight Loss

Amazing Ashtanga Yoga Benefits & Weight Loss

Ashtanga yoga benefits are simply amazing. This form of focal point yoga involves postures that are a bit different than some other forms of yoga postures. It is a high energy and fast paced exercise that can help with weight loss, improvement in energy levels, and an overall improvement to your health and physique.


This is a style of exercise that was brought to the United States in 1975. It was taught and created by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He was born in 1915 in a small town close to Mysore India which happens to be the name of a posture that is taught in class today. In 1948, the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore India was formed.

What is it?

The focal point of this form of exercise is very physical and involves a series of postures and synchronized breathing. Unlike Bikram that is performed in a heated room, Ashtanga produces an intense internal heating of the body due to the rapid moving from one pose to the next, and on each inhale and exhale. 

This form of workout is also referred to as the Royalty or highest path of yoga. It features Asana Dharana Dhyana Nivama, Pranayama Pratyahara Samadhi and Yama as their 8 limbs of philosophy. It is designed and best suited for people who want a fast paced and no time to catch your breath workout. Ashtanga yoga benefits include building your cardiovascular system and strength while making you look trim, fit and young.

Ashtanga Yoga for Weight Loss

Performing Ashtanga yoga for weight loss is a terrific exercise. With its fast paced yoga postures you will sweat profusely which will help detoxify your body. Ashtanga yoga benefits are designed to increase your flexibility, circulation, and stamina while helping to build a very strong slim body. When researching for Ashtanga yoga information you will discover that it is highly athletic and not recommended for the basic beginning class. 

The practice known as Mysore method is designed to be practiced 6 days a week. These days will be focused on very intense training where you work very deep in the practice. The lighter days will allow you to work the program gently while helping your body to learn and listen to your inner awareness.

This also helps with pain and prevents injuries. Learning to tell the difference between soreness from using your muscles and pain from injury is very important to your health as you are learning the Ashtanga yoga benefits. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that we are doing something wrong and that we need to reexamine our approach to the exercise. 

Ashtanga Yoga Postures

One of the first positions you will learn is the Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana. This simply is standing on one leg holding the half lotus position then bending over the leg that you are standing on. In the beginning, when you are learning this standing position you may feel your legs get weak and feel some minor trembling giving you a sense of being weak and out of control and balance. 

It is recommended that you start with a slower paced form such as Iyengar until you can learn the basic positions needed to do your best in this format. The instructors are not there to create a set guideline for your experience, only simply to make adjustments as you do your routine.

As with any new physical routine, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that your body can handle it. Follow your instructor’s words of wisdom as they have the experience to help make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly. Drink plenty of liquids and do not push yourself beyond what is comfortable for you. It may take a little longer to get as flexible as some of the others who are in the class, but they also had to start somewhere. Expect some sore muscles along with the overall wonderful feeling that accompanies the knowledge that you have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle.

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