Himalayan pink salt benefits

What Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits Revealed to Me
by Mellisa Coldel A Corte

Awhile back I visited a health boutique and discovered Himalayan pink salt benefits and how amazing they truly are. The nutritionist explained them very enthusiastically to me, and I just knew it was for me. On the table there were thin pieces of sliced apple and two salt shakers, one with white salt and the other with pink salt. She told me to take a slice of apple and break it in half then sprinkle just a little of the salts on the two pieces.

My Experience

At first I was unimpressed by this demonstration and in my mind I thought it was a silly test. How much different can salt taste? The first bite I took was with the white salt, good and added some flavor to the apple. The second bite with the pink salt was an awesome experience! The flavors were really enhanced and it amazingly brought out the true taste of the apple. I found my mind to be filled with many questions: Why? How does it do that? Why haven’t I been told about this before? 

My Investigative Work

The nutritionist had me hooked. I could not stop thinking about the difference that the pink salt had on the flavor of the apple. I decided to research exactly what these Himalayan pink salt benefits were and how they could personally help me.

Through research I found that this is not your average salt and is much more pure and free from toxins than found in common salt. It is mined by hand and not processed which helps keep the 84 trace elements and minerals intact. White salt like white sugar have been heated, treated, bleached, and dried creating the loss of nutrients that our body needs. Anti-clumping agents are added to help keep the salt from mixing with water. These agents can accumulate in our system.

The Facts of Common Salt 

The processed salt takes out 80 of these minerals and is replaced with just one, that being Iodine. Iodine was added when doctors in the early 1900’s found that without adding it people would have goiters which can cause mental retardation and the start of other chronic diseases. 

Common table salt is hard for our bodies to metabolize; we waste a high amount of energy to keep optimum fluid balance. For each gram of common salt that our system cannot process it will use 20 grams of water in an attempt to neutralize the unnatural sodium chloride.  Researchers have been able to determine that this can lead to arthritis, rheumatism, gallbladder and kidney stones.

The Amazing Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

After my long conversation with the nutritionist and conducting my own research I have found this salt to be simply amazing. I wonder why anyone would want to use any other kind of salt. Here are some of the benefits I discovered and read about:

~ Eases muscle cramps.

~ Increases bone density.

~ Supports better sinus health.

~ Aids in detoxifying the blood.

~ Purifies and regulates our critical fluids.

~ Helps lower and maintain blood pressure levels.

~ Food tastes better and the flavor of it is enhanced.

~ Will help with digestive disorders and constipation.

~ Helps clean the body of acidic waste that causes degeneration and aging.

~ Promotes and maintains a healthy pH in the cells, including those in the brain.

~ The salt is better absorbed and helps to break down the food particles while in your intestinal tract.

Some other reported Himalayan pink salt benefits are it aids in relief from psoriasis, skin rashes, flu symptoms and helps with arthritis and herpes. While I am not a medical doctor my findings from the above research were found from what doctors and other researchers wrote. For me the added flavor of when it is used on food is enough of a benefit, one I recommend for you to give a try. The other added benefits to my health I consider to be a true serendipity.

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