Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Jenny Craig Diet Plan
 “This is Real Life, This Is Real Change”

Losing weight with Jenny Craig has become one of the leading diet plans followed by people all over the world, particularly in America. Through specialized planning with an advisor a plan will be put in place that can lead someone down a path to living healthier through weight loss and exercise. However, with this program comes a price.

The Program History

The company was created in 1983 by Jenny and her husband Sidney Craig, both business people and entrepreneurs at heart. The program began in Melbourne Australia in 1985 which expanded to the United States. In 2006 The Nestle Nutrition group purchased the business and operated it until 2013 when it was resold to an investment group. At this time there are over 700 centers globally to help with weight management.

This program is backed by a Medical advisory board that consists of leaders in the medical, nutritional and exercise fields. This board provides continued updates and educational information to help with the effectiveness of the program.

Losing Weight with Jenny Craig

This diet plan is a paid weight loss program. Many people ask how expensive is Jenny Craig, and do they have Jenny Craig discounts. This diet plan starts with a one-time enrollment membership fee of $49.99, then a continued monthly fee of $29.99. During special promotions they often wave the 1st months’ fee. With your monthly fee you will have access to a one on one advisor over the phone. The counselors are not nutritional specialists but have undergone extensive training provided by the program, and all have excellent sales and customer skills.

They will help you design a customized program that will meet your needs as well as help motivate you to stay with the program until your goal weight is achieved. You also have online assistance to help monitor your progress as you start taking off those extra pounds.

The Available Products

The diet program consists of purchasing pre-packaged foods that are required when on the program. They offer healthy low calorie meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts. The advantage to this plan is the ease and convenience it provides by not needing to shop or prepare meals while using their products.

The meals are less than 1,200 calories and have less than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day.  They are high in fiber, water and protein which helps you control the feeling of being hungry all of the time. This program has no banned foods or special fat burning or detox pills that you would be required to take that claims the pounds will melt away. This plan works when properly followed.

Once you reach your goal weight you will be allowed to start preparing your own food again. During the program you are allowed fresh fruits and vegetables and on occasion an alcoholic beverage which many people find a positive benefit.

For those who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the amount of approved prepackaged meals is very limited and may not be the best program to consider.

Overall Reviews

The company’s claim is that you can lose up to 2 pounds a week which may be a little over promoted as a sales idea rather than a true fact.

According to the American Medical Association those using and following the plan have lost over 10% of their original weight after a year of being on the diet. With the proper diet and exercise the people on this program have also had favorable leptin and LDL cholesterol readings.

On average the meals will cost around $500- $800 a month per person and is something that often discourages people from using or continuing with the program due to how expensive Jenny Craig is. However, Jenny Craig discounts can promote a generous savings to be able to get started and see how the plan works. According to the program "If you are interested in speaking specifically with any members of Jenny's Medical Advisory Board for expert information, call Aliza Rothman at 800-848-1096 ext. 3103."


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