Things You Need To Know About PCOS- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Things You Need To Know About PCOS-
Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Currently, upon giving birth, it is advisable to test a child for any ailment that may lead to complications in the future. In any hospital, the doctor’s language is always prevention. However, this is not the case when it comes to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This disease has to wait until adulthood for any evaluation and testing to be done. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an ailment that is associated with the endocrine organ of a woman. Women suffering from it may experience an enlarged ovary containing accumulated fluids. One of the major symptoms is prolonged menstruation. Currently, the exact cause has not been discovered. In this post, we have outlined the causes, symptoms, and treatments of the disease.

PCOS Causes

The following factors may attribute to this condition:

· Excessive insulin- Insulin is a hormone that allows the body cells to use sugar. When in excess, insulin might induce androgen production. This might in turn reduce the ability of the ovary to ovulate.

· A case of low-grade inflammation- The body of a human produces substances to respond to attacks by diseases called low-grade inflammation. Women who have a problem with their ovaries can experience PCOS.

· Inheriting- This condition can also be hereditary. It can occur to you especially if your mother or sister has it. Moreover, certain genes may also be linked to the disease.


If you are suffering from the disease, you will witness these symptoms when menstruating. These include:

· Irregular period- This may include a cycle that can go beyond thirty-five days. Other women suffering from the disease can menstruate only eight times in a full year. Besides, they can also have several scanty discharges.

· Excess male hormones androgen- When these are found in women, it might mean that they might be suffering from the condition. These may manifest themselves as excess body and facial hair, adult acne and male baldness.

· Enlarged ovaries- This is a condition where the ovaries are enlarged with some fluid like materials that surrounds the eggs.

· If you are having difficulty in getting pregnant, you might be suffering from the disease.


The treatment of this complication depends on how you manage the symptoms such as obesity, excess hair on the body, baldness among others. Nevertheless, the doctor may prescribe some medicines.

· Regulating your menstrual circle-

Your doctor can recommend birth control pills, which will reduce the effects of androgen in the body. Alternatively, you can also use a skin perch or vaginal rings containing estrogen. When taking these medications, it will be difficult to conceive.

· If your aim is to get pregnant, then your doctor may prescribe for you drugs such as Clomiphene. This drug can be used alone or combined with another drug.

· Lifestyle change is also important for controlling the disease. If your are overweight, you should reduce your weight.

· In serious circumstances, your doctors may recommend surgery to remove or destroy the tissue producing the androgen.

If you are suffering from such complications, it is important to understand that you can apply for financial assistance with a company such as the EHIC card. This is a European Insurance Card that can help you to get health care at a reduced cost. This can save you a lot in case of an emergency.

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