What are the Best Vitamins for Immune System Enhancement?

What are the Best Vitamins for Immune System Enhancement?

When cold and flu season rolls around taking the best vitamins for immune system improvement can mean the difference between staying healthy or falling prey to the germs that can cause you to feel run down and miserable. Your immune system provides your body with a fantastic means of protecting you against microorganisms carrying bacteria and viruses. But even the best systems can fail allowing viruses and germs to penetrate your system, which in turn will weaken your system causing you to become ill.  

Can I Boost my Immune System?

Is there a way that we can possibly assist in this process and help our immune systems work better? What if you improve your diet? Or take herbs and vitamins? How about a change in lifestyle and developing healthier habits?

The thought of boosting your immune system is at best an optimal thought, but doing so has been very evasive for many reasons. When we talk about our immune system we are not talking about just one aspect, it is a combination of many things.  To function well, all of the parts of the system need to be working together at their maximum performance levels.

There is still much that researchers don’t know about the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response. At the present time there are no scientifically proven links that directly connect healthier lifestyles to a higher performance level of the immune system.

How to Take Steps in the Right Direction

Through research we know that there is not a single vitamin that can totally build the immune system but good nutrition with added supplements of vitamins and minerals are a step in the right direction. What are some of the best vitamins for immune system improvement that might help improve our health?

~ Vitamin A is known for its function of healthy production of white blood cells that help keep our systems free from infections.

~ Beta-carotene is part of a group of vitamins high in antioxidants that helps increase the number of infection fighting cells in our system.

~ Vitamin C also helps build strong white blood cells that are useful in removing toxins and helping to control infections.

~ Vitamin E has the easy job of killing harmful bacteria.

Other Steps to Help Maintain Good Health

Studies have given additional guidelines that can help keep your immune system strong. Applying the following can lead to better health overall.

~ Limit your alcohol intake and do not smoke.

~ Maintain your health by staying up to date with your shots.

~ Be sure to include a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

~ Maintain healthy hygiene and wash your hands on a regular basis.

~ Keep your blood pressure under control and exercise on a regular basis.

~ Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods low in saturated fat.

~ Stay out of public places such as gyms, steam rooms and crowded rooms.

~ Drink lots of water to stay hydrated to help remove toxins, bacteria and infections.

~ Maintain a healthy weight. Keep an eye on your BMI, and keep it within a healthy range.

~ When you start running a fever and feel under the weather stay home so that you’re not spreading germs or viruses to others.

~ Avoid contact with other people when you know they are sick. Shaking hands and kissing are common ways to pick up or pass on germs and viruses.

While colds and flu’s can sneak up on anyone at any time, taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle and adding the best vitamins for immune system health can help you get through the season without getting sick. Living such a lifestyle will help improve your overall health and energy levels.

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