The Amazing Benefits of Blueberries

The Amazing Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries, clocking in around 80 calories per cup, are another one of nature’s most naturally delicious and fat free foods. This amazing fruit is loaded with antioxidants and many other nutritional benefits that all lead to living a more natural and healthy life. Known as one of the “super fruits,” second in consumption only to the strawberry, is a sweet mouth- watering way to help in aiding to great health.

Increased Immune System

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council states that this delicious fruit has the highest antioxidant count among all other vegetables and fruits that have been tested to date. These antioxidants help in strengthening the functioning of your immune system through naturally neutralizing the free radicals that are introduced to your body through exposure to pesticides, smoke, and toxins. Most of the antioxidant’s nutrition comes from the indigo color from the berry called Anthocyanin.

Tests show that anthocyanin’s can help aide and prevent diseases related to age conditions, such as heart disease, memory loss, stroke and even cancer.  These berries are also considered a high source for obtaining fiber and vitamins C and K which will also help the immune system and the digestive system.

Boost in Mental Health

The anthocyanin that is found in the blue coloring of this fruit is also thought to decrease the age-related memory loss in people. Studies have proven that people who choose to eat them on a regular basis can boost the functioning of their brain, including memory and cognition.  This can decrease the chance of obtaining mental diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

With heart disease being among the top cause of death, it only makes sense to include this fruit in your daily diet as a preventive measure in maintaining your heart health. The blue hue in the berry will help aide in prevention of stroke, hypertension, and even heart attacks.

Decrease in Cancer Risks

A study performed by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had amazing results that showed significant evidence and suggested that blueberries can be a healing agent and even prevention for prostate cancer.

It has been proven that the anthocyanin in these berries can possibly attack the cancer-causing radicals and may be a contributing factor in stopping tumor cells from growing, or even forming.

Other Amazing Benefits

This fruit, much like cranberries, contain the compounds that can help decrease the bacteria found along the bladder walls that cause UTI’s (urinary tract infections.)

Another wonderful benefit is the vitamin C which contributes to healthy gums and amazing health for our eyes. It can contribute to a reduction in developing glaucoma, labeled the second leading cause to blindness in the US.

With all of these amazing benefits to our health, and the great flavor, why wouldn’t you include blueberries in your daily diet? Whether throwing them in a smoothie, adding to your yogurt, or even eating them in a delicious pie, being sure to include them can only benefit you by helping you lead a healthier and longer life.

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