Not Just Teens: Dermatologist Treatment for Acne

Not Just Teens: Dermatologist Treatment for Acne

It’s common for many people to think of dermatologist treatment for acne as a teenager’s problem but it can be an adult problem as well. There are different kinds of treatment for acne for all ages that can be successful unless there is a medical condition. In most cases it can be treated effectively. Unfortunately many people feel like there is not much that can be done to clear problems with acne.

Are Women more Susceptible?

A growing number of women well past their teenage years even up into their 50’ are still developing acne. Many dermatologists are conducting studies to determine the cause of this abdominally. They have concluded that there may be many different causes based on their lifestyle, diet and other health issues.

Studies show some reasons that adults may see an outbreak of acne is age and the types of medications that we are taking. Though both males and females have hormonal swings during puberty which can cause outbreaks but women will continue to go through this again during pregnancy and menopause. These issues create the chemicals in our bodies to become unbalanced and can lead to acne problems, sometimes bad ones.

Additional Reasons Women are more Susceptible

When a woman is on birth control pills the estrogen and progestin naturally help control the breakout of acne. Birth control that is high in progestin is more susceptible to causing acne. When birth control pills are discontinued the hormone balance is affected and is sometimes the cause of acne breakouts.

Stress may also play a factor for acne in women. Research has shown that women with increased stress levels have increased outbreaks of acne. This stress may be work related, from a break up of a marriage, financial or being a single parent with too many obligations to handle on their own. When under stress of any type a person’s body produces high levels of androgens. These hormones stimulate the hair follicles and oil glands; when they become too active it can trigger a flare up of acne.

Other Leading Causes to Acne Problems

Medical researchers have found that more than 48% of people with a family history of acne are more likely to develop acne problems. This leads them to believe that people may be genetically pre-disposed to acne. Studies also show that the closer related you are to those who have acne issues the higher chance you have of having the issue also.

Certain skin care, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, sun screen, and lotions can create problems with your skin. This form of acne is aptly named acne cosmetica. Take a few minutes when you buy these types of products and check the labels for the words non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic as they are less likely to cause problems with your skin.

Why should you Seek Dermatologist Treatment for Acne?

A popular myth that has been around for decades is to leave it alone and it will get better on its own. Without treatment scars and dark spots will become part of your skin. The possibility of not getting treatment promotes the acne will become wider spread.

Seeking dermatologist treatment for acne is important. Acne may be a warning sign of other medical conditions that need to be treated by your doctor. When acne is accompanied by hair that is thinning, bald spots, irregular periods, or facial hair growth it may be a sign of cysts on the ovaries or in the adrenal glands.

Our health is the most important thing that we have; seeking dermatologist treatment for acne is just one step in helping ourselves to remain healthy and help clear up any acne issues. Additional healthy ways to keep from having breakouts is to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly. Sweating on a regular basis can also help keep our pores clean and healthy.


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