Great Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Great Exercise Equipment for Seniors

What exercise equipment for seniors is healthiest and best for the aging body, a thought that enters many baby boomer minds. Retirement, the golden years, is now here and we have worked our whole life to be able to retire, to be able to take time away from work and do what we want when we want. Our health is a large concern, and staying fit and active has become more important for us. Regular doctor visits, several different types of medications, and discussing the good old days from the past seem to be much of what takes place now. Getting active and eating right can help with feeling healthier and better about ourselves, and our mental well-being as well.

As the baby boomer group hits the magic age of retirement we have reached 33% of the total population; 67% of us are obese, one out of three has hypertension, and one out of four has arthritis. With these issues it will be hard for any baby boomer to enjoy the good life they have waited so long for.

How to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

Staying active, eating well-balanced meals, getting a good night’s rest, drinking plenty of water, and exercising to keep everything moving is very important in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. There are many ways to get active and fit, including swimming, yoga, and walking.

It is easy to come up with excuses that sound logical for not exercising; too old, can’t move, I don’t know how, I might break something, I have too many ailments, I might get hurt. None of these are acceptable or beneficial to a lifestyle. Once we start on an exercise routine there will be better stamina, an elevation in mood, a healthier appetite, and a better night’s sleep.

Finding Equipment to Use

Finding the right exercise equipment for seniors and what is best for their needs can be difficult, and research and asking questions is an important part of getting help.  Consider taking a tour of a local sports gym and see what they have to offer and understand the benefits this can bring to overall health and fitness.  With a membership to such an establishment comes many benefits, such as help from staff members and even meeting others with the same goals for health. Staff will be available to help plan a workout schedule and ensure safety through the proper use of available equipment.  Other members can help with motivation and sticking to goals.

Talking with a doctor before beginning any diet or exercise routine is important. They can assist with the kinds of exercise can help with current body ailments and make the recommendation of what is healthiest at this stage in life. Sometimes talking with friends and family can help with some healthy ideas about an exercise program that has worked for them.

What is the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors?

If there is extra room at home considerations to purchase some equipment might be beneficial. Having a workout room at home promotes ease and convenience. It will provide comfort and privacy also. Choosing machines or exercise equipment for seniors that helps ensure safety is also important. There are several options that an elderly person can take into consideration to meet these needs.


The elliptical trainer provides a walking-running experience without the jarring on the hips and knees while strengthening the legs, arms, lower back, and stomach area.

Recumbent Bicycle

Recumbent bicycles offer a great aerobic exercise. They offer a similar training as the elliptical trainers but have a seat with back support that makes exercising easier for people that have back problems.

Weight Stack Machine

Weight stack machines offer great strength building options. Most weight stack machines offer you multiple exercise options so that you can get a full body work out.


Treadmills are good for aerobic exercise; implementing a switch in walking and running at the different levels of height available can increase the intensity of a work out and heart rate. This option however can be harder on the hips and knees, talking to a doctor before beginning is highly recommended before using treadmills for working out.

Other Important Tips When Exercising

Exercise 45 minutes to an hour at least 5 times a week. Don’t overdo the program and cause injuries. Before you start an exercise routine check in with your doctor to make sure your body can handle the program you choose. Start off easy and build yourself up gradually.

Exercise equipment for seniors can provide a good cardiovascular, aerobic, and strength training program.  Having two or more pieces of equipment will allow you to alternate between them giving you a better exercise program and will help keep you from feeling burned out from doing the same vigorous routine. Use this time to listen to your favorite music, read a book, or watch TV. Make this time enjoyable and not something you feel compelled to do. Find some friends to join in with you while exercising. Making exercise fun is both motivational and encouraging, and can lead to better relationships, health, overall wellness, and enjoyment during the good life of retirement.


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