Fast Loss Tips- Weight Management

Fast Loss Tips- Weight Management

Fast weight this possible? There are some fast loss tips weight management suggestions for those who want real results. While we all know that dropping weight fast is not the answer to a permanent healthy weight, there are times when we want it as a quick fix. With that in mind here are some proven ways to take off an average of 5-10 pounds within a week or two. 

Keep a Journal

As simple as this may sound keeping a journal of what you are consuming each day will help you drop weight faster. Research at the University of Arkansas compiled a 13 week study and concluded that people who kept a list of what they had eaten actually lost 3-5 pounds more than the group that didn’t keep records. By keeping records they could better control the size of portions that they were eating.

Reduce Calorie Intake

Most people consume approximately 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day. To drop some weight fast you can reduce your intake down to 1,200. To kick start your diet you can drop down to around 800 calories, but doctors recommend that you do this for no more than 3 days. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and feel fuller. This is a great way to help control your appetite with a zero calorie intake. Drinking a glass before each meal will help you feel satisfied and keep you from over eating those extra calories. Adding in lemon juice will help to increase your metabolism and at the same time give you many good vitamins and nutrients. Avoid sodas, including diet ones.

Eat Salad Daily

A healthy salad for lunch works miracles for losing weight. Pile on lots of veggies! This is a great way to feel full while adding in lots of nutrition, and keeping the calorie count low. Adding in a cup of lettuce is only 8 calories, while bell peppers 18, cauliflower 23 and broccoli 35 calories per cup. One medium tomato adds 11, and ½ cup of cucumber is only 7 calories. Some grilled skinless chicken strips or salmon added to this can make it a very filling low calorie meal. Use balsamic vinegar as your dressing and stay away from the high calorie pre-made dressings. 

Reduce Carb Intake

For many people a delicious bread or flavorful pasta dish is hard to turn down. These dishes will need to be turned down during this time and some sacrifices made on your part in order to make quick weight loss successful. You won’t need to eliminate them completely but you should only eat about half or a quarter as much as you normally do. Also try substituting with a whole grain product.

Eat Smaller Portions More Often

It is better to eat less food per meal but more often throughout the day. Try eating 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones, and be sure to include fresh fruits and vegetables that are good for you and provide your body with the nutrients it needs. It will help your system digest your food and keep you from feeling like your starving. 

Exercise on a Regular Basis

A good fast paced walk, swimming, working out at a gym or even practicing yoga will help burn some extra calories. For fast weight loss you might even consider doing a hot yoga program. Never sit for more than 4 hours at a stretch without doing some moving around. The longer you sit in one place the slower your metabolism will become, so get up and walk a bit. Not only will exercise help you lose weight, it will also help you lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Additional Fast Loss Tip Weight Ideas

Chew your food longer and slowly. Research shows us that we get used to chewing each mouthful a certain number of times. If you eat your meals slower it tricks your body into thinking that it is taking in more food than it actually is. By chewing your food better it also helps your stomach digest your food better, helping you get better nutrients from the food that you eat. 

People tend to have a higher intake of calories on weekends than during the week. The main reason for extra calories comes from having an alcoholic beverage, snacking and dinning at restaurants. For example a five ounce glass of wine will have around 100 calories.

These are just a few ideas for fast loss tips Weight management is a lifetime commitment; exercising, drinking lots of water and making better and healthier choices about what we eat. Choosing to drop some extra pounds quickly is a healthy solution for short term use, but remember in order to lose more and keep it off, it will take a strict commitment, and a change in lifestyle. Ultimately these choices will lead to a healthier and new improved you!


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