First Day of School Games-  Preparing for the Upcoming Year

First Day of School Games- 
Preparing for the Upcoming Year

First day of school games….how can they help kids just starting off school or those returning? They may have the jitters and parents can help ease them by playing these games with their children during the summer.

When to Begin

Starting a week or two before school parents can help ease their children’s young minds by getting them focused on the fun side of going to school rather than on the fear of the unknown. Create games that will be fun and entertaining to help them look forward to reuniting with their friends and meeting their teachers for the first time.

How to Begin

These games can be played while driving places or sitting down to eat, any time and place your child would not be otherwise occupied such as watching television. The more you can get your child involved in playing and expanding on the games the better the response, retention, and excitement you can build for that first day. 

Fun and Exciting First Day of School Games for the Whole Family

1. “Who do you think will be in your Class?”

A simple and fun game for a returning student to play; you ask the question "Who do you think will be in your class with you?” The rules: they have to write down the names on a piece of paper. You can even give them a set number of names such as 10. When they come home from the first day they have to write down the names beside the ones already written there and for each one they have gotten right they get a quarter.

This will help create the excitement of finding out who is in their class but also help implement the idea of writing, reading and coming home to do homework. It can also help them remember their classmate’s names. 

2. “What Can I do while you’re Spending Time with your New Friends?

Children have many things that run randomly through their mind when they consider going to school for the first day. The suggestion of them having fun with their friends is a positive reinforcement and helps their thought process accept the challenge of the first day of school. 

However one of their thoughts will be what will you do without them. Make this a fun first day of school game by letting them come up with ideas about what you might be doing while you are at home alone. Help suggest things such as take care of their favorite pet or make cookies for you to share with them when they get home. What a great way to help support communication skills by asking about the others day. Being a part of this game helps them feel like you won’t be lonely without them and can help ease their mind.

3. “What will you need for your First Day Back?”

Once you have the items needed for the start of school wrap them like gifts and hide them. Each day give them hints where their treasures are hidden. You can write down the hints if they can read or give verbal instruction, both supporting their ability to get their minds focused on receiving instruction which will help on their first day back.

Once they have found their gifts they can be added to their collection. This is a fun and exciting first day of school game that will give them a sense that they have worked to get these needed supplies and give them pride of ownership. You can ask them how they think they will use them. 

Playing first day of school games will help relieve the anxiety of that first day. Starting a few weeks ahead of time and involving them in the process while creating fun and excitement is a healthy way to help prepare them. Waking them up early the week before going back is another good way to help. Also tell them about what you did on your first day of school, the friends you met and the fun you had. The first day of school should be fun and exciting; you can help by becoming involved and helping them get off to a great start.

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