Fun Kids Math Games: How to Instill the Joy of Numbers

Fun Kids Math Games: How to Instill the Joy of Numbers

Introducing some fun kids math games at an early age can help instill the love of learning math in our little ones. From counting to addition and subtraction, we need to help our children learn the basics of math and teach them in fun and unique ways. This will help show them that math does not have to be so hard.

Why Math has a Bad Rap

While we have conceived the idea that not everyone is good at math, studies show that most people have the capability of doing basic math through and up to algebra. Often times parents will instill the fact in their children’s mindset that math is hard and not easily understood. Usually this is founded from the fact that they struggled or have not had to work with math for a long period of time. 

It is common knowledge that there are many aspects to learning and understanding the many concepts of math. It is not always easy for a person to have the ability to learn it. It can feel very demanding and stressful to have to learn and have the ability to communicate thoughts, store information in memory, learn the procedural skills required, and recognize and understand the functions of the signs in the equations. 

Getting Our Children Off on the Right Foot 

Using fun kids math games is a great starting point for children to learn and remember basic math if taught in a fun, enthusiastic and entertaining way. The following are some ways that can help teach a child in their younger years how to enjoy and look forward to playing while learning.

1. Use Visual Aids

Using visual aids can help a child to learn to count in a fun manor rather than trying to get them to memorize a string of spoken numbers. This will help them get a concept of quantity while they learn to count. 

Place pieces of candy, pieces of apple, Cheerio’s, or any of their favorite snacks on the table one at a time as you count. Encourage and let your child count along with you. After they count all of them pick them up and start the process over again, but this time reward them by giving them one of the pieces. Show them when one is taken away how it is taken from the total quantity.

2. Encourage Use of Hands

When you see objects you can start the counting process and use your hands for them to see how you can count with your fingers. Hold up your fingers as you count the bounty; “Look, there are four flowers…one, two, three and four.” You will want to make this a fun thing to do and not a laborious task that is boring to them. You will be surprised at how quick children can learn to count french fries, candy pieces or any other snack they love. 

3. Draw Out the Equations

Teaching fun kids math games with the plus and minus signs are the next step in math and it is a strange concept to understand. A simple way to teach this while making it fun is to draw the plus sign and place 4 jelly beans, one in each quadrant. Drawing a minus sign you place one on each side of the line. Children can understand more when they can see what is happening and relate to the symbols.

There are numerous ways to help your child with math. There are toys, smart phone games and a host of websites dedicated to helping children develop their math skills using fun and creative ways in the learning process. Keeping expectations realistic in the early years of the learning process is important to their ability and development of skills. Utilizing fun kids math games with fun, creative and imaginative ways can open their world to new possibilities. Math is an important stepping stone to their future so getting them started off right can help build a solid foundation to their ability to learn math.


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