How Green Tea Benefits a Diet

How Green Tea Benefits a Diet

How Green Tea Benefits a Diet

Our modern society is slightly narcissistic, and artificially vain. A lot of our opinions come from what other people might say about us. Neglecting our body, and our physical appearance leads to unwelcome disapproval from the people around us, but staying fit on top of all our other daily duties makes us really cool – there is no middle ground. Besides looking good, being and feeling good comes to even greater plaudit. And this is the silver lining – a society that applauds a person who is in charge of his emotions, but also in touch with them, is a loving society. We may not be living in an idealistic version of this loving society, but happiness is a path worth walking down, and with some sense of community, it can be achieved by all.

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But we still have to deal with this physique matter, right? Nutrition. Nutrition is the way to go. Put less food in, but make it healthier food, and exercise more. There are plenty of regimes that tell you should eat this and avoid that, but it all boils down to responsible eating. And no health regime is complete without some booster-like accessories. Green tea is something of a dietary accessory, a healthy supplement. There to make your portions that much more efficient.

All About Green Tea Benefits

According to legend, Camellia sinensis, the green tea plant, was discovered by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung, around 2750 BC, and it had been popularized and massively consumed ever since. The plethora of its healthy characteristics, first and foremost its antioxidant qualities, make it a superfood that has endured millennia, maintaining popularity within common and scientific circles alike. In a simple manner, harmful elements within the body are just swept away during a green tea binge, and the drinker’s overall health improves accordingly. Green tea also contains proteins, something very rarely found in this sort of beverage, giving it purpose as a natural supplement for people who regularly work out, too. Last but not least, according to modern research, it improves the digestive system, reduces risk from breast cancer and contains antiviral and antibacterial agents.

Myths and Truths

A lot of people mistakenly think that green tea helps lose weight. It sounds good on a commercial, hearing that you can feel fat melting away by merely drinking green tea. The truth is, green tea benefits only help kickstart your metabolism, and boost the mineral and vitamin distribution. Its high concentration of nutritional elements contributes to decreasing your appetite, so there’s less of a chance the drinker will be snacking away after midnight, or out of boredom.

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How to Choose a Healthy Diet

Let’s get something straight. The main suspects for our worldwide gain in weight are sugar and white flour. These are complex sugars, and it takes time to break them down once they are ingested, and thus the weight gain. The healthiest, least routine-like thing a person can do is to avoid them, eat smaller portions of food, pick a good workout program, or at some other pleasant daily activity such as practicing yoga or cycling, and drink plenty of skinny tea to help along the metabolism. Each morning, instead of store-bought coffee, pick a cup of tea, which also contains caffeine, but also some other beneficial elements. Hydration is the key to a functional body and healthy skin. Drinking only green tea one day a week is a very thorough system.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, don’t expect miracles, to go supermodel skinny overnight. Expect your health to be boosted, your immune system to be strengthened. Expect to be proud of the work you put into your body, and the way it rewards you back.

This article was written by Kate Flannery, a globetrotter in love with spicy food. She doesn't believe in liquid diets, but does keep healthy and fit through tea.

Thank you Kate for this insightful and outstanding guest post about green tea benefits. We always welcome such great contributions here at Everyday Wisdom for Healthy Living. 

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