How to Choose Healthy Food for Kids

How to Choose Healthy Food for Kids

As a parent we want the best for our children, and choosing healthy food for kids and getting them to eat it can be a learning process. This also brings in the concern of how do you keep up with their food consumption that you bring home. As parents we always seem to find a way to keep them fed well although sometimes not an easy task when you have little ones of different ages with different likes, dislikes, and taste preferences. 

We want our children to grow up strong and healthy so that they may enjoy a healthy lifestyle when they are older. A strong foundation of a healthy person is developed at a young age and that starts with the foods that we teach them to eat and enjoy. Food should be fun as well as healthy. 

Picking Healthy Food for Kids

When you plan your shopping list think of healthy food choices rather than candy, pastries and sodas. Children love fresh fruit, bananas, apples, cherries, oranges, grapes, and melons, and who can resist raspberries that you can put on each finger and then eat one by one. Not only do these make great snacks, and several are easy to pack for on the go but fruits are healthy food for kids by providing many of the essential minerals and vitamins needed for strong healthy bodies. 

Nuts like dry roasted peanuts, mixed nuts, cashews and sunflower seeds have healthy fats needed for good heart health and development and growth.

Vegetables are a good source of fiber, but we often think of carrots and celery as snack foods but there are others that provide many healthy choices. Cabbage, broccoli and kale are often overlooked but they contain phytonutrients that are known to lower the risk of many types of cancer and releases enzymes that help remove toxins from their system. Tomatoes contain lycopene that is also known to help prevent cancer. 

Eggs and dairy products have calcium and protein which will help build strong bones, healthy teeth and helps build brain tissue. Eating protein instead of pastries will help keep the blood sugar level under control and keep them from feeling hungry so quick. 

Other Beneficial Foods

When we say cocoa the first thing we think of is hot chocolate but it truly is a healthy food for kids. Use the purest form of cocoa that is at a minimum of 70% pure for it has the highest concentration of flavonoids. It is known to improve blood pressure levels, help with oral health, and very beneficial for the heart. Sprinkle a little on pancakes, bananas, oatmeal or melt some dark chocolate and dip fresh strawberries in it.

Oatmeal, cheerios, and whole grain cereals are fiber rich that digest slowly providing a continued source of energy for longer periods of time compared to the sugar coated colorful cereals that most children want to eat. 

Greek yogurt is much higher in proteins and enzymes rather than just plain yogurt and also contains much less sugar, as a treat you can mix in your choice of fresh fruits. The enzymes will help boost the immune system and aid in digestion of the foods. 

Soy beans are such a great way to get protein that have anti-cancer benefits, Tofu is a fantastic food source for pre-teen girls who are at the stage of life of developing breasts. Edamame is fun and easy to fix; put them in a Ziploc bag, microwave for 25 seconds, add a little sea salt, and you have a great snack that is very healthy. 

Cinnamon is a common household spice that sits idle too often which might get used in pumpkin pie, and sometimes on French toast. It is a very healthy spice that will help regulate blood sugar levels and help prevent energy crashes. A baked apple using cinnamon and honey is a decadent delight that is so good and healthy. 

Feeding healthy food for kids to our little ones is something that every parent should be concerned with. As the parent it is up to us to provide our children with the best alternatives that can provide and create healthier eating habits for their future. Starting them off on the right kind of foods is the first step in a long and healthy life.


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