Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits: Who Knew?

Hydrogen Peroxide benefits are amazingly numerous and versatile. It is commonly used from anything such as a cleaning agent to being an aid in helping a person stay healthy.  Commonly found in most households, stored away in a cabinet or cupboard, a person typically does not understand just how outstanding this compound truly is. This product can be bought inexpensively, found about anywhere, safe for the home, but most importantly it works! 

What Exactly is it?

Hydrogen peroxide, also known as H2O2, is a chemical compound which is highly reactive containing what is commonly described as “water but with one more oxygen atom.” According to Wikipedia, “In its pure form, it is a colourless liquid, slightly more viscous than water; however for safety reasons it is normally used as an aqueous solution.” It is the simplest peroxide agent commonly found in in a diluted state in products such as strong oxidizers, bleaching agents, and disinfectants. It can be found in all living material.

The Many Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

(3% hydrogen peroxide)

For Health

Our body’s white blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide on their own naturally which helps to fight off infections and bacteria.

Vegetables and fruits produce hydrogen peroxide naturally also.  Most people already understand eating such is very healthy for us but be sure to wash your them with hydrogen peroxide also. This rids them of the pesticides and dirt. Just add 1/4 cup of H2O2 to a bowl of cold water. Rinse thoroughly after washing with cool water.

Use on left over salad to preserve it from wilting. Spray a solution of 1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon of H2O2 on it, drain, cover, and refrigerate.

H2O2 can be found in large quantities in a new mother’s colostrum, or breastmilk just after birth. This is exceptionally healthy for the immune system of a newborn.

Most have heard hydrogen peroxide benefits open wounds by disinfecting or cleansing it but most do not know it can also help with foot fungus or other fungus issues on the human body. In a spray bottle mix a 50/50 solution of water and hydrogen peroxide; spray the infected area well and let them dry. You can even try soaking your feet in this solution to soften corns and calluses on your feet.

Add a couple drops of almond or olive oil into your ear followed by a few drops of H2O2 to help remove ear wax.

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water, a 50/50 solution, into a spray bottle and spray in your wet hair to create a natural highlight. This will not cause the damage to your hair that some dyes can do.

For acne or pimples directly dab your skin with hydrogen peroxide to help them clear up.

Mix together both water and hydrogen peroxide (50/50) as a mouthwash to kill foul bacteria and freshen your breath.

Mix together H2O2 with baking soda to create a paste to brush your teeth with. This helps in the prevention of gingivitis; when salt is added in the paste it will help to whiten teeth.

Soak your toothbrush between uses in straight hydrogen peroxide to help keep it clean. This will also prevent germs from spreading; particularly when there are sick family members in your home that have the flu or a cold.

Add half of a bottle of H2O2 to a nice inviting warm bath to help detoxify your body and relax. In addition the hydrogen peroxide benefits your tub by helping to leave it queaky clean!

For Cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide is a cleaner that is safe to use around children or those with respiratory issues. It does not irritate the lungs. Keep your children’s play area or any other area sanitized by spraying it regularly.

Help remove stains from clothing by using hydrogen peroxide directly on it. It can be added to the water while in the washer to help with odors and stains as well. Add a cup to a large load of whites. It is a green solution that works well vs the use of bleach.

Yellowing can be removed from gentle fabrics such as tablecloths or curtains by soaking them in a mix of 1-2 cups of hydrogen peroxide and cold water for 30 minutes. Rinse out with cold water and hang dry.

Hydrogen peroxide benefits the kitchen and bathroom by being a safe and green cleaning option. It can be mixed in a spray bottle with water to become a cleaner for both rooms. It works great on showers, toilets, sinks and counters! It is a disinfectant capable of killing surface bacteria while leaving a nice shine. It’s a proven way to kill mildew and mold; great for use on shower curtains as well.

Clean pots, pans, or glassware with stubborn filth stuck on them by rubbing on a paste made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit on it and then wash with warm water and a scrub pad later.

Clean steamers and humidifiers by adding a pint of H2O2 to a gallon of water

Whiten grout on floors or bathtubs by spraying the grout directly and scrubbing with a toothbrush. Soak the grout first before scrubbing for best results.

Due to its non-toxicity hydrogen peroxide benefits areas where dishes and food are stored. Clean your dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator out with a cleaning solution.

As with a toothbrush, soak your rags or sponges in a cleaning solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (50/50) to eliminate germs and smells. Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Help sanitize dishes by adding in 2 ounces of H2O2 with your detergent to the dishwater or to a sink of dishes.

For the Environment

Hydrogen peroxide is naturally found in rain water thus boosting a plants life. The extra oxygen atom in the rain helps your plants grow, but also will help remove fungus. When it rains put a pal or container outside to collect it and water your indoor plants with it.

Hydrogen peroxide helps to sprout seeds of new plants. Use hydrogen peroxide daily (one ounce to 32 ounce of water) on any new seedling or new plant sprouting to help create a strong root for the plant.

With so many hydrogen peroxide benefits, while being easily accessible and inexpensive, it has become one of the best household solutions in today’s market. With so many uses that benefit our health and households it would seem that everyone would want to keep this “magic” bottle, or bottles, handy around their home.

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