Kiwi Nutrition Facts: A Perfect Fuzzy Fruit

Kiwi Nutrition Facts: A Perfect Fuzzy Fruit

Kiwi nutrition facts can be easily overlooked, we see a brown fuzzy fruit that is green on the inside, we know that it tastes good and that is all we need to know to buy it. Kiwifruit is a fantastic way to dress up a salad or to put on top of ice cream. However, the nutritional value of kiwifruit more than makes up for its funny fuzzy appearance. 

The History of Kiwi

The fruit originated in the Chang Kiang Valley of China and is known as the Chinese gooseberry. In 1906 it was brought into New Zealand as a decorative plant. The kiwi nutritional facts were soon discovered and it became an agricultural crop. While 95% of the kiwifruit that is consumed in the USA comes from California, New Zealand’s crop comes to us in the northern hemisphere, fresh in our winter season making this fuzzy fruit available year around. 

Kiwi Nutrition Facts

Inside of this light brown fuzzy fruit is a green interior that has the consistency of a strawberry and has its own distinct flavor. The entire fruit is edible including the fuzzy exterior and the seeds inside. This incredible fruit is filled with Vitamin A, B3, C, E, potassium, magnesium, and copper.

Everyone knows that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C but few realize that a kiwifruit has 150% times more Vitamin C than an orange. Gram for gram a kiwifruit has more vitamins and minerals with fewer calories than any other fruit that we eat. 

The vitamin C content is a water soluble antioxidant that helps our body neutralize free radicals. Research shows that this helps reduce the likelihood of developing certain diseases such as colon cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, strokes and osteoarthritis. Vitamin C also helps build our immune system

Potassium in kiwifruit is about the same level as that found in bananas, yet for those on a diet it contains about 50% of the calories. Potassium helps keep our fluid and electrolytes in balance and helps to counteract levels of our sodium intake. The benefits can also help lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease. 

Other Kiwi Nutrition Facts

This fuzzy little fruit is a great source to obtain fiber. The amount of fiber along with actinidain assists it the digestion of foods and helps remove toxins from your system. This also helps prevent constipation and other complications in the digestive track. 

Kiwifruit is a very good source for folate that helps with brain and cognitive development in young children, and while in the mother’s womb also helps to neutralize defects in the unborn fetus. The health benefits in folate are so numerous that some countries are considering it as a needed ingredient in flours and breads. 

Want healthier skin? Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin E, a vitamin that helps restore elasticity to the skin and slow down degeneration of the skin cells. The result is you have less wrinkles and a softer smoother skin. Beauty comes from the inside out. 

Kiwi is one of the fruits that even people with diabetes can enjoy. It has a low glycemic index which means it will not raise the blood sugar levels quickly giving you a sugar rush. 

It is important to notate that for those who are allergic to latex, papaya, pineapple, or bananas, there is a strong possibility that you may also be allergic to kiwi. 

Fun Facts about this Wonderful Fruit

The people of New Zealand take offense when this fruit is called kiwi, which is a bird that is native to their home country. 

The word kiwifruit translated from French means vegetable mouse. Not 100% percent appetizing, but a very good description. 

Understanding these kiwi nutrition facts can be used to someone’s advantage when they are trying to lose weight, diet, or just try to improve their eating habits. Including this healthy fruit into a diet plan on a regular basis offers many health benefits but also a great flavor when eating. The next time you’re in the produce section pick up some of this wonderful exotic fruit and see firsthand the health benefits it can bring to you.


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