Lemon Water Weight Loss

Lemon Water Weight Loss

It has been well researched among the medical industry whether lemon water weight loss is a real benefit to those looking to shed a few extra pounds. Simply by adding some fresh lemon to a glass of water may be just the answer. Professional nutritionists believe in the real weight loss powers that lemon added to our drinking water provides to those seeking to lose weight. It has many health benefits but also assists in speeding up the weight loss process.

We know that replacing what we drink with water helps reduce our calorie intake and has many health benefits on its own. But by simply adding lemon to it we can still have a zero calorie drink with a natural and nutritious sweetener, not one with added preservatives or processed sweeteners.

Lemon’s Natural Nutrients

A lemon contains many natural healthy nutrients. It is high in Vitamin C and also contains pectin, bioflavonoids, folic acid, and Vitamin A, B 1 & B 6. Some other healthy nutrients are potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, saponins folate, and calcium.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

These combinations of nutrients can help your body in several healthy ways. Being high in pectin fiber will actually help with your hunger cravings, which helps keep you from snacking on calorie laden foods. Studies show by maintaining an alkaline based diet you can lose weight faster. 

1. Boost in Immune System

Lemons help boost your immune system through their high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory which helps protect you from asthma and other respiratory symptoms.  It is also known for its effectiveness in helping fight off the flu and cold. The potassium that lemons contain helps promote healthy nerve function as well as help you control your blood pressure. 

2. Helps Digestion

The juice from a lemon is similar to the saliva that our body produces to help break down and digest food. Lemon juice encourages the liver to make bile that assists with the digestive process. Lemon and water also help control heartburn, indigestion and belching. This also aids in removing toxins from our digestive tract. 

3. Balances PH 

Lemons on their own are high in acid content but once in our bodies it metabolizes into a high level of alkaline. Balancing PH is crucial to good health. A high level of acid allows disease to enter into our body but when our system has a balance of acid and alkaline, disease is less common.

4. Helps Clear your Skin 

The combination of natural antioxidants and alkaline helps kill some forms of bacteria that is known to cause acne. The vitamin C helps renew your skin giving it a healthy soft feel. It also helps remove toxins from your blood allowing more oxygen to get to the cells in your body which helps rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. 

How to Encourage Lemon Water Weight Loss

Start in the morning with a large glass of water and add in a thick slice of lemon to begin your lemon water weight loss plan. If you like more lemon, add in freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can adjust the amount to suit your personal taste. By starting your day this way you can help start the body’s natural detoxifying process early on.

You are allowed to drink as many glasses as you want. Drinking the water through a straw is healthiest for your teeth. Drinking it this way prevents the acid from the juice from eroding the enamel on your teeth.

By encouraging lemon water weight loss in your daily diet plan you will soon discover an added and natural burst of energy in your day. Lemons create a natural way of detoxing and cleaning our systems. With the loss of extra calories, a healthier digestion, and the less hungry feeling lemons can provide, a drop in the waist line will soon be noticed, with an increase in seeing yourself smile back in the mirror.


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