Do Long Distance Online Relationships Work

Do Long Distance Online Relationships Work?

Long distance online relationships have become an accepted and popular part of today’s society. With instant access to the world, many have evolved and benefited through the use of social media. Before we had computers relationships were developed in close proximity to where we lived. We would meet a friend of a friend, someone from the neighborhood, church, work or school that we attended and develop a business or personal relationship with them. They soon became our best friends, and sometimes even our spouse.

Why has this Changed?

In today’s world long distance online relationships tend to lean more on the romantic side in a quicker fashion. In this fast paced instant information social media world we live, there seems little to no time to meet and start a relationship with people in person. It is much easier and convenient to meet someone online and communicate by sending emails or chatting with them, even while we are at work or while we are driving to and from our appointed rounds.

In person it is not as convenient and is more time consuming. You need to schedule time to meet and then be able to communicate while taking time out of our already busy day. Things tend to feel rushed and less intimate in such an environment and not always the best way to start or form a good relationship. 

Advantages to Long Distance Online Relationships

There are many advantages that you might feel from developing and maintaining relationships online. Being online instead of in person provides a certain safety net as you get to know someone. The following are some ways that might be considered:

~ You can reply when it is convenient for you.

~ You have the freedom to be in contact with more than one person.

~ You can share ideas and pictures to see if you have common goals.

~ Questions can be asked that you might not be able to ask in person.

~ Meeting people from around the world will open the doors for new possibilities.

~ If the relationship seems to be going bad or nowhere, they are very easy to end. 

~ It provides a safety zone to keep people at a distance until you know more about them. 

~ You have the ability to share as much information as you want with the receiving party without them able to hear your tone of voice or see your expressions.

Disadvantages to Long Distance Online Relationships

Though there seems to be many advantages to these types of relationships, there are many disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. Some are as follows:

~ The question arises whether you will really like this person in real life.

~ People can create great illusions about themselves that are very believable.

~ Finding time to finally meet and spend time together in person can be very time consuming and expensive.

~ There is a lack of one on one time which includes sharing in laughs and smiles, chatting over a glass of wine after dinner, and planning the next rendezvous.

~ Not knowing if this person is being honest with you about who they really are. Are they really a successful business person or are they in a federal prison?

~ Even people who are married and have to communicate over long distance can have problems maintaining a well-balanced relationship, being apart physically can separate you emotionally. 

Long distance online relationships at best take a lot of time, work and effort to bring them to fruition. While they allow us a lot of personal space and freedom, they also are restrictive in many ways. Thousands have found them to be a true asset to their life while others have been destroyed. If you start an online relationship be very careful about the information you share with others. As proven in many tabloids and to others before, once your personal information hits the wonderful world of social media it can end up on any ones screen.

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