"I Miss You" - A Tribute for You on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for families to come together to honor those who have given so much of their lives to take care of others. However, the holiday can be difficult emotionally for those who no longer have their mother with them. Instead of letting this put a damper on Mother’s Day, it is important to consider turning the day into a celebration of your mother’s life. After all, this is a great way for a family to honor the life of their departed loved one, and it will also make it easier for everyone to get through the day with a smile on their face. There are several ways to honor mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Donate the Day to Her Favorite Charity

If your mother was passionate about a specific cause or charity, you can turn Mother’s Day into an annual volunteer event to help support the things that really mattered to her. Alternatively, you could choose an organization that assisted her during her life and use Mother’s Day as a way to give back.

2. Have a Family Picnic and Swap Stories

Most mothers prefer to spend holidays with their family, and you can keep this tradition alive by scheduling an annual family picnic or barbeque. This will provide everyone with easy access to emotional support, and it will also encourage each family member to share their favorite memories while enjoying a positive environment.

3. Do One of Her Favorite Things

Every child has memories of accompanying their mother while they indulged in their favorite recreational hobby. For some mothers, this was as simple as planting flowers or feeding the birds, but in other cases, it could include going to their favorite restaurant or even a sporting event. Picking one of these activities and doing it with the family is a good way to keep your mother’s memory alive, and it can also expose younger family members to aspects of her personality that they might not experience otherwise.

4. Fulfill One of Her Dreams

Did your mom have a dream that she was never able to fulfill such as taking a trip to a specific location? If so, you could base Mother’s Day around realizing that dream for her. This particular method of honoring her memory also has the added bonus of letting you feel closer to her because you will be able to have an experience that meant something to her.

5. Visit a Nursing Home

Some mothers do not have local family members available to visit with them on Mother’s Day. Therefore, you could dedicate the day to bringing joy to another mother. Most nursing homes allow visitation from people who are not relatives, but it is a good idea to contact them in advance to discuss your plan. In fact, taking this proactive step can make it easier for them to connect you with someone who has not had a visitor in an extended period of time, and this will enable you to make a positive difference in someone else’s life while honoring your mother.

The loss of a mother is always tragic, and it is something that we never completely heal from. However, it is vital to take steps to turn holidays and other special days such as Mother’s Day and her birthday into celebrations of the life that she lived as opposed to mourning what you have lost. Taking this approach will be much more emotionally beneficial for you and your entire family, and it can also have a positive impact on your local community.


A gift for a special friend, and tribute to his beautiful mother on this Mother's Day. Though it is the first one you may not be able to talk to her, or see her, she is and always shall be that whisper in your ear, the wind that caresses your face, and forevermore in your heart. See you soon Mom.

           Mary E. Delzer 
Aug 11th 1921 - Oct 24th 2013