Natural Skin Cleaners: A Healthier Way to a Beautiful You

Natural Skin Cleaners: A Healthier Way to a Beautiful You 

One major concern in life is our appearance, including our skin. Natural skin cleaners are a terrific way to help fight acne in our youth, and wrinkles when we get older. These are a cost effective and organic way to help our skin naturally, and also promote a greener planet. Such knowledge can help us throughout our lifetime, and be passed down to our children.

What’s in your Cleansers and Makeup?

We know that the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. They are always coming up with the latest and greatest breakthroughs to give us healthier looking skin. Most of these are a combination of oils and creams; some are based on natural skin cleaners that have been used for many years. 

Found online one can read about several facts that are very disturbing. They are quoted below:

  • “According to the Environmental Working Group, 89 percent of 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety by the FDA
  • In fact, the US federal government doesn’t require any health studies or pre-market testing on personal care products
  • As a result, many cosmetics are thought to contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other chemicals that may pose health risks
  • Up to 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream”

Natural Skin Cleaners

Why would anyone not want to use natural or organic products for their beauty and health with these kinds of facts? Using organic products or natural skin cleaners has become very popular over the last several decades and now it is time to consider using natural healthy products to keep our skin healthy and looking good. 

Washing your face, drinking lots of water, stop smoking and exercise are all important steps to keeping healthy bodies which in turn helps us maintain healthy skin. There are several inexpensive natural products that we can readily get from the store and are beneficial to our skin. 


High in vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and carotene, it is a natural moisturizer and exfoliates. It will open your pores for deep cleansing and is so very simple to use. Using the outer skin of the Papaya, rub in a circular motion, the same motion when using cotton balls or face cloth. This will help with age spots and wrinkles, and leave your skin with a soft glow. Using the peel leaves a perfect fruit to eat in salads, blend into smoothies or add to the top of your ice cream. The whole Papaya is useable and is a great source for vitamin A, C, fiber and potassium. 


This fruit is fantastic for a natural skin cleaner. It will help moisturize and give your skin that soft wonderful feel. The avocado is loaded with vitamin A, B, D and E. Compared to a banana they have more potassium and contain fats that are actually healthy for you. This combination is an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin. The oils found in the avocado will help prevent wrinkles and at the same time will remove dirt from your skin. 

Peel and take the pit out of the avocado, mash gently in a bowl turning it into a paste. Place a fine layer on your face and let it set for 10-15 minutes. For a smoother texture a little milk or honey can be added to the paste prior to applying to your face. Gently wash with warm water and a very soft washcloth. You will be amazed at how different your skin looks. 


This may be a total surprise to you but honey helps with your skin. Honey contains 8 amino acids, iron, riboflavin, and omega 3 fatty acids, all of which are great for healthy skin. There are also anti-bacterial agents in honey that will help with blemish break outs such as acne and eczema. 

Using honey is very simple. Place a small amount in your hands, add just a little warm water to thin it out and apply directly to your face. If you want a little texture you can add a little oatmeal or some brown sugar. Sounds gooey but with warm water it will wash away easily, leaving your skin looking and feeling wonderful. 


We have all heard of great skin products that contain oatmeal as a base that works wonders. Why not just use plain oatmeal and forget the added chemicals that make it expensive? All you will need is plain oatmeal, any kind or brand that takes time to cook. Instant will work as well. It helps exfoliate and removes chemicals and dirt that are harmful to your skin. 

Oatmeal application is a simple process. Take a handful of oatmeal in a small bowl with just a very little water, just enough to make it damp. Add a few drops of essential oil if you want something real special. A favorite is lavender or mint depending on your mood. Apply as a paste in circular motions, let it stay on your face for 5 minutes, and then gently rinse off with warm water. 

Olive Oil

A few drops in your hand and wipe gently onto your face. This will help keep the elasticity in your skin and help wipe out wrinkles. It will give your skin a soft feel and help to eliminate age spots as well. 


This heath food is also very good for healthy skin, just use plain yogurt. Using your fingertips gently massage it onto your skin. You can add essential oils, a few drops of orange or lemon juice to enhance the smell to make it more pleasurable. Yogurt contains lactic acid and is high in protein, a plus for dry skin.

While we don’t think of our daily food as natural skin cleaners, they have been used for many generations and with surprisingly amazing results. By trying any of these natural skin cleaners you will find them to be inexpensive, healthier to your body and the environment, but also an amazing way to help your skin look and feel younger.


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