Who Can Benefit From Phone Counselling?

Phone counselling allows someone to consult with a medical or psychological professional across a phone just as if the individual was sitting in an office receiving therapy or a consultation. It is a very beneficial practice because it breaks down many of the barriers that would normally stop someone from seeing a professional for help. It fits nicely into modern life since all it requires is a phone to be effective. Here are some of the people who can benefit from this kind of counselling today.

People with Busy Schedules

Phone counselling can directly benefit people with busy schedules. Having to travel and make time during the day can interfere with work, school and other responsibilities. This counselling is very immediate and takes far less time. This is a benefit because it allows busy people to get the help they need without disrupting everyday life.

Individuals with Anxiety or Depression

People with anxiety or depression can have immense problems leaving the house or traveling for any amount of time. This inability to travel can make the condition worse as isolation sets in. Phone counselling can help these individuals by bringing a professional into the home virtually. This allows those people to get the counselling needed to overcome the depression or anxiety.

Caregivers and Parents

Caregivers and parents often need counselling but have restrictive schedules. It is sometimes not possible to leave someone with a serious illness or a child at home alone. Counselling over a phone allows parents and caregivers to talk to professionals while still maintaining a watch over a loved one or child. This can make a real difference in the lives of everyone involved.

People with Chronic or Debilitating Illnesses

Having a chronic or debilitating illness can cause a host of psychological problems from depression to suicidal thoughts. The person might have mobility problems that prevent traveling to a medical office or clinic. Phone counselling requires nothing more than talking on a phone. It allows those with chronic illnesses and limited mobility to get support and help when it is needed the most.

Patients Moving Away From a Trusted Doctor or Hospital

Some people who have established long relationships with doctors, clinics or hospitals might have to move away permanently or temporarily. Finding someone new might not be practical or desirable. Phone counselling allows patients moving away to maintain continuity of care with a trusted doctor or hospital regardless of location.

Clients Who Are Uncomfortable Talking About Personal Issues

Face-to-face sessions with a psychiatrist or doctor can be uncomfortable for some people. A power dynamic or intimidation factor is sometimes perceived that affects certain individuals dramatically. This can prevent someone from talking about important emotional or personal issues. Phone counselling levels the playing field making it easier for people to be candid and honest about the things going on in life.

Individuals Who Cannot Reach a Professional

Some people today live in areas that are extremely far away from doctors, clinics and hospitals. Those people might not have the resources or ability to drive all the way out to counselling on a regular basis. This can leave the person isolated with no way to get help. Phone counselling changes this. Taking a simple phone call can provide the assistance necessary to deal with problems even when far from the professional.

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