The Raw Food Diet: A New Trend?

With so many diets that can be found on the Internet, you may think you have heard of them all. However, it is a fair bet you do not know much about the raw food diet – not because it is not popular or effective, but just because it is not as popular as other diets such as the Atkins diet, for example. Its results are extraordinary, more than noticeable, and, moreover, this diet might be the healthiest one out there – no chemicals, no supplements, no replacements, no disgusting food marketed as tasty. Just pure nature and pure health. Here is how this diet can change your life.

The Basics – What is the Raw Food Diet?

As its very name suggests, the raw food diet limits your food choices exclusively to raw, uncooked and unprocessed food and fresh, unprocessed plant products. This idea is gaining popularity among various groups of people all around the world and a number of celebrity chefs are getting involved in this movement as well. Raw foodism is so immensely popular because it promotes a very simple idea – the fact that cooking kills everything good in food, minimizes its nutritive values and basically alters the nutritional composition of food.

However, raw food lovers do not suggest to stop cooking food altogether, but just radically change your cooking methods. Instead of traditional cooking,
they propose dehydration and cooking below 118 degrees. Dehydration turns your food into a crispy delight and, since it is not completely raw any more, it is much tastier. With so many recipes available, this is something definitely worth looking into.

The Perks – How will you Benefit from Raw Food?

People on a raw food diet eat a lot of vegetables and fruits – some even eat raw meat, but this is a gray area – and they are in a lot of aspects similar to vegans and vegetarians. Knowing that vegetarianism involves a number of benefits, from building your immunity to saving animals, you can safely assume that raw foodism has a similar effect on your body, too.

People who switch to raw food maintain high levels of vitamin A and beta-
carotene, as indicated by a 2007 study, which further triggers more palpable effects. The biggest of these is protection against cancer. Unfortunately, there may still not be a bullet-proof way that prevents cancer in all patients, but raw food can help a lot. This was proven by a study published in 2008 – it examined the differences between cooked and raw broccoli, a vegetable containing an anti-cancer compound called sulforaphane. Ultimately, the researchers discovered that people eating raw broccoli have higher amounts of sulforaphane in their blood and urine, which makes their fight against cancer much more effective.

Another important benefit of raw food is
building a stronger immune system
, which is especially important before the winter. The easiest way to boost your immunity is to eat a lot of vitamins which are found in vegetables that are ultimately better eaten raw than boiled or cooked, as the scientists from the University of California have pointed out. Furthermore, almost all foods rich in vitamin C can be eaten raw, which is especially good since this vitamin is believed to be destroyed during cooking. When speaking about other health-related benefits of raw food, we must include protection against anemia and chronic diseases, lower body mass index, smoother skin and higher levels of energy.

In Conclusion

Eating raw or partially cooked food does not have to change your diet drastically. There are many ways to prepare raw food and each of them will make you a little bit healthier.

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