Self Esteem Activities Kids Can Learn From

Self Esteem Activities Kids Can Learn From

Maintaining a positive outlook is important and building self esteem activities kids learn from is a guiding principal that should be started at a very early age. The most important time of their years of developing a positive self esteem is when they are at an age where they understand and start the reasoning process. 

Parents play an important factor in getting children started off in the right direction. Setting a good example for them by being a good role model for success and caring about ones image and character values are things children will learn from their parents. Parents who are a positive role model set the stage towards their child’s success. A parent who is always down on themselves will set the wrong example for their children. 

Self Esteem Activities Kids Find Encouraging

Encourage your Child to Try

Too often simple words at an early age can start the process of either a positive self esteem or a negative outlook on their life. Often times parents give the simple answer of “you can’t do that” or “you’re not big enough to try that.” Many times it may be out of concern for the actual safety of the child. A better answer might be “let’s try it and see if you are able to do it.” Let them make a few small mistakes and provide them the answers to become a success at what they do try. 

Self esteem activities kids learn from can be as simple as teaching them to bake cookies, ride a bicycle or how to swim, all important parts of learning in their life. Give them praise when they do well and offer encouragement when they make mistakes. Be patient with them, they are learning for the first time what you have experienced for years. 

Not everybody wins all the time. Some parents get upset when their child’s team loses a game or the coach don’t put them in all the time for every game. That anger reinforces their thoughts that they did something wrong and will set the stage for developing a low self esteem. Teach them to try their best and to accept failures but to be proud of what they did do, especially when a good choice was made.

Focus on the Positive 

Take time to listen to their ideas. As adults we know what works for us and what is going to cause us problems. The idea of wearing a plastic grocery bag as an outdoor play outfit may sound like a practical idea to them, and as adults we may think it is ridiculous and tell them so. Let your child share their creativity with you, and encourage and support them when appropriate. This encouragement and positive attitude can make a world of difference for their self esteem.

How to Provide Answers to “Why”

As parents we all go through the stage of our child asking “why”...Because I said so is not the right answer. It may get to be repetitious and you might feel like you’re going in circles. Learn to answer their questions with questions that will help them determine a good answer. Ask “how would that make you feel,” “ Would you be ok if this happened,” or “here is what I have learned and you will learn this also.” 

Building self esteem activities kids learn from is not difficult, but whether they learn good self esteem or end up with a low self esteem, will affect their entire life. Take the time and the attitude to help them start developing a high self esteem. Encourage them on their path to a well-balanced and bright future.


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