What are the Signs Wife is Cheating?

What are the Signs Wife is Cheating?

When we think of extramarital affairs we do not think about the signs wife is cheating, we commonly jump to the conclusion that it must be the guy. Then we hear the guys asking about these signs.” Is this possible?” “How will I know?” Research has found that one out of four married women have had or are having an extramarital sexual relationship  with an average of more than twice a month. 

What Changed?

Women in their late twenties through the mid-thirties are most likely to seek outside companionship, and after about 4 years of being married. The current relationship has gotten stale and predictable. Being a mom and taking on the duties of a wife, mother and chauffeur become overwhelming. Husbands come home and expect a meal on the table then want to sit and relax from a hard day’s work while the wife attends to the children and cleans up. 

Intimate time together fades and women feel like they are taken for granted. There are no more surprise lunch dates, flowers stop showing up, and sexual contact with their spouse becomes routine; boring and more gratifying for the man than for them. 

How do These Affairs Start?

Sometimes it starts with a smile, the slight touch of a hand, the look in the other person’s eye or a kind word from a co-worker. It starts with an emotional feeling and turns into them getting some much needed attention. It is pleasant and feels wonderful, and it changes their attitude for that period of time.

Once someone has had a positive, uplifting feeling it becomes easy to want and need the same experience over again. The flirting begins and progresses to unfulfilled desires that lead to an extramarital affair. 

Possible Signs Wife is Cheating

So as a husband what are the signs that he should be watchful for? What are some of the possible signs wife is cheating?

1. He calls home during the day while children are in school and no one is home. He tries the cell phone and it goes unanswered. He sends a text only to get a reply that she is having lunch with a friend that he has never met or heard of before.

2. New perfumes and colognes appear and it was because it was on sale or it was buy one get one free and her girlfriend gave her the extra one.

3. Wearing different clothes home than what she wore going to work.

4. Unexplained meetings with other parents from the school to plan school events, social gatherings or other events that will be scheduled to have a reason to leave the house.

5. Spending extra time online away from the family, checking for e-mails or recipes may be the sign of being in contact with another person.

6. While at a restaurant or other outing there are unanswered texts or phone calls with the explanation she will get it later, and then a few minutes later needs to find the ladies room.

7. You find unexplained charges on the credit card or find information from a new bank for accounts you know nothing about. Signs that an account has been opened to set aside assets or to have the ability to use funds and not be held accountable for where they went. 

There are many things that can be observed that may indicate a change in the woman’s habits and lifestyle that will help one determine if an extramarital affair is going on.  It becomes apparent that changes need to put in place. Often when there are signs wife is cheating indicates that the husband is not doing what he did to win her in the beginning of the relationship, It is time for the husband to find that romantic spark and the desire to be with this woman everyday all day long, To make her feel special and desirable, to surprise her with flowers and let her know that you do care about her. Rebuild a strong and loving relationship with that special person and become a team again.


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