Smile and the Whole World...

Smile and the Whole World...

Will reflect it back upon us. Smile, so easy and simple to do, and one of the most important things we can do in life that is free.  As simple as it sounds there are many physiological and physical benefits to ourselves, and to those that we choose to share it with.

Perceiving Others

We walk past and meet new people daily, and in a few seconds we have determined if we think we like them or want to communicate with them further. We judge them by their clothes, how they walk, speak, height, weight, and skin color, but first and foremost, we look at them to see if they smile at us.

It is a signal to us whether they are friendly, have a good attitude, how they feel about themselves and their willingness to share. It is a positive statement about them and a form of reaching out to others. Can you remember the last time you really wanted to be around a person who is frowning, complaining or being grumpy?

What it Actually Is

It starts with our sensory passageways and ends on our lips being tugged upwards. The emotional feelings we receive upon seeing someone enter a room, or the lightest touch of a hand, are channeled to the left anterior part of the brain.

This causes excitement in the temporal region and then signals our muscles to respond in a seconds notice to smile. The person receiving then mirrors this action back, causing them to share in the same benefits.

The Health Benefits

Have you ever thought about the happiness and positive impact a real one can have to your health, or to others? We know from clinical studies that it holds a wealth of hidden benefits for us individually, but also to those we share it with.

For people that are facing life’s many problems, such as health issues, financial or family problems, or even loss of employment, it can become overwhelming very quickly. As they make their way through the day, the only ray of happiness they may receive is from someone who shares a pleasant smile with them. This can make a world of difference to that individual’s day.

The Natural Health Benefits

Smiling frequently holds many therapeutic health benefits for us. Medical experts have proven that there are several healthy benefits. According to Dr. Mark Stibich, there are also several healthy reasons which include some of the following:

Relieves Stress- stress can give us a worn and overtired look which will show on our face. An upward lift to our lips can make a world of difference to our stress level.  This action can have a great impact of altering our overall mood.

Boost our Immune System- Less stress and more relaxation encourages a boost in our immune system. Our body responds by releasing endorphins and serotonin causing a natural pain killer for us physically. This can help fight off illness and disease.

Lowers our Blood Pressure- It has been proven that even a forced one can lower the numbers on your blood pressure. A frequent display of white teeth can be a captivating way to benefit your health.

Promotes a Positive Attitude- We know that a positive attitude is key to a successful lifestyle. A pleasant smile can encourage an elevation in your attitude and can go a long way towards adjusting your attitude, and those around you.

Helps Us to Feel Better about Ourselves- Better self-esteem, feeling attractive and younger, and helping others can all be terrific benefits. They are contagious to others, helping them mirror one often too.

With all these amazing benefits, for us and others, it is important to remember to make smiling an important part of our day. Take time to share what is so easily given to others. By doing so, we can live a happier and longer life. A captivating and alluring one can make a significant impact to our increased overall health, while displaying the most beautiful resonating light from within.


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