Soy Milk vs Almond Milk: Which is Healthier?

Soy Milk vs Almond Milk: Which is Healthier?

Soy milk vs almond milk…which one is the healthier pick for those individuals who are lactose intolerant? Which one might provide healthier benefits for such an individual? Both have wonderful health advantages, and have a great flavor. However, the answer to this question can only come from you, and will be different for each person due to the different dietary needs and tastes that are preferred.

The Health Comparisons

For people who have diabetes, heart disease, casein allergies or are lactose intolerant soy and almond milk are the most popular preferred alternate choices. While they both have advantages over the other they also have their shortcomings. The following is a comparison that can assist in helping you determine which will work the best for you. 

For an 8 ounce serving:

Soy Milk                                          Almond  Milk    

Calories       150                                Calories          90
Vitamin E      trace amount                Vitamin E         15 IU (half of your daily requirement)
Protein         7 grams                         Protein            1 gram
Vitamin B     40 mcb                           Vitamin B         0
Potassium    320 mg                           Potassium       180 mg
Manganese  40 mg                             Manganese     16 mg
Sodium        85 mg                             Sodium           150 mg
Calcium       72 mg                             Calcium           200 mg (20% of your daily calcium)

Both almond and soy are excellent sources of essential minerals including iron and vitamin B. The more vitamin B your body takes in the better your metabolic rate works to burn more calories at a faster rate. 

Benefits of Soy Milk vs Almond Milk 

Soy Milk Benefits

Soy milk comes from soy beans that have been cooked, ground and filtered and is a highly nutritious drink. It is high in protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They help keep our energy level up and our bodies to function properly. 

One of the soy milk benefits is the ability it has to improve our blood lipid profile. Soy milk has no cholesterol and the fat is primarily unsaturated. Studies show that regular consumption of soy milk can greatly lower your low density lipoproteins and raise the levels of your high density lipoproteins. If you have a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol, soy milk may be a good substitute to replace regular milk.

The omega 3 combined with omega 6 fatty acids and the phyto-antioxidants have been shown to protect your blood vessels from hemorrhage and build-up of lesions. In effect your blood vessels become healthier with more elasticity and resilient to blood pressure, and helps reduce your blood pressure levels. 

Phytoestrogen in soy helps speed up the calcium absorption helping your body from losing bone mass and prevents osteoporosis. For the maximum soy milk benefits buy it as vitamin D fortified. 

For people who are 55+ soy milk can help prevent prostate cancer and relieve post-menopausal symptoms for the ladies. For younger men who are still in their reproductive years, they may find that they may have a lower sperm count as a result of drinking soy milk. If your pregnant soy milk may interfere with your progesterone levels in your system and should be avoided. 

Proteins in soy milk vs almond milk is higher; one cup of soy milk has about 7 grams while almond milk has only 1 gram per an 8 ounce serving.

Almond Milk Benefits

Almonds are touted as being one of the most nutritious and healthiest nuts available for us. Almonds are roasted then ground creating the milk that is such a health benefit for us. Almond milk is sometimes flavored with vanilla or chocolate giving it a very delightful taste. It is high in fiber, protein, copper, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin and other vitamins and has no cholesterol or saturated fats.

Almond milk like soy milk helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Almond and soy milk are both considered to be friendly for a vegetarian and vegan diet as well as people with special dietary needs.

Patients with breast cancer are better off drinking almond milk rather than soy milk during the treatment and remission stages. 

Allergies to Soy or Almonds

Soy allergies are common and often more serious in younger children. If you have a soy allergy and you accidentally ingest soy milk you can develop hives, diarrhea and vomiting.

If you have nut allergies you should not use almond milk. The reactions can be the same as with soy milk with the added respiratory difficulties making it hard to breathe normally.

While both are very healthy, the benefits of soy milk vs almond milk comes down to what is best for you and your dietary needs. Before you make a decision on either one, it is recommended that you talk with your doctor to determine what will be the best one and give you the best overall results for your health.


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