Swim Workouts for Weight Loss

Swim Workouts for Weight Loss 

Swim workouts for weight loss are both healthy and easier on a person’s body. Have you ever experienced after swimming a painful hunger? This is because of the amount of calories that are burnt when doing so. It is true that eating healthy is a must to reduce your weight, but combine that with swim workouts and you are on your way to a newer, slimmer, and healthier you.

The Advantages of Swimming

Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, however swimming ranks as one of the best forms of exercise for overall body toning and shaping.  Compared to cycling or running which is great for building strength in your legs, swimming uses and builds more muscle from your entire body core. 

The advantages of swimming over other forms of exercise are numerous. When you are in the water waist deep the water supports 50% of your body weight, while if you’re up to your neck in water it is supporting 90% of your weight. Because your body is being supported by the water it is a non-weight bearing exercise which means that it is easier on your hips and knees, than jogging, running or jumping rope. 

Because of the density of water it provides a natural resistance for every move your muscles make. The repetitive movements while swimming enhance and increase the flexibility of your joints; beginning with your ankles all the way to your elbows, shoulders and neck. 

Calories Burnt in Swim Workouts for Weight Loss 

While you are burning calories you are also increasing your muscle mass which in turn helps your body’s metabolism rate increase, making it easier for your body to burn calories. 

How many calories can you burn when you use swim workouts for weight loss? Studies show that the average 150 pound person will burn approximately 475 calories an hour doing the front crawl and backstroke, 540 calories an hour doing the sidestroke, 680 calories using the backstroke only, and up to 750 with the butterfly stroke. Pick one or several strokes that you enjoy and incorporate them into your workout routine. 

Other Benefits to Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise that can be part of your exercise for your entire life. Information released by an American College of Sports Medicine  determined that people who swim on a regular basis have lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular, and cholesterol rates. The central nervous system and cognitive functioning were comparable to a person much younger in age. 

While swimming is an excellent form of exercise it is often times difficult to fit a swim routine into our busy routine, especially if you do not have a pool. Many public pools have different sessions for senior adults, Moms with toddlers, rehabilitation from injuries and some even have time frames for moms and children after school. These programs may provide the answer to swimming on a regular basis that is healthy and fun for you at the same time. 

Swim workouts for weight loss are a fantastic means to dropping unwanted weight. Guaranteed results for losing weight begins with burning more calories than you take in, exercise on a regular basis, drink lots of water and choose healthier food to eat. Often times those that workout will burn a lot of calories then feel hungry and eat far more calories than they just burned off. Our wellness and weight loss need to begin with gaining control of our daily intake and eating habits first. Eat right, exercise more, and begin a lifestyle to a healthier and thinner you.


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