Choosing The Right Weight
Training Equipment For Home

If you want to start working out at home instead of paying for a high priced gym membership, it is important to buy the best home weight training equipment. The main reason a gym membership is so expensive is because they have the machines and you don’t! They have the weights and you don’t! They know if you want to workout, unless you have your own equipment, you have no choice but to pay the monthly fee.

Starting a home gym isn’t as expensive as you think either. Think about how much money you spend on the membership as it is right now! Those monthly fees really add up. If you have a membership that charges you $45 per month (that’s what I payed for a while), you end up paying $540 per year. For that price, you could buy a nice set of free weights or even an all-in-one exercise station.

Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing your weight training equipment:

Space Available

Obviously, if you live in a small apartment or just don’t have much available space, you will need to take that into consideration. Most of the all-in-one stations are pretty compact, but some take up a lot of space! A bench will probably take up a lot of space too. If you don’t have much space available, you may have to buy a few dumbbell weights. They don’t take up much space and there are plenty of dumbbell workouts that will do you right.


Depending on the kind of results that you are looking for, you may need specific features. Not all-in-one stations are really all-in-one. Be sure that the machine or equipment that you will be buying will accommodate what you are trying to get done in your home gym. Again, dumbbells will work for almost every exercise you will need to do to build muscles, so if you want to keep it simple, dumbbell weights are the way to go!


Remember, you will always get what you pay for. With that being said, the price range for weight training equipment is very large. You can get cheap equipment for pennies on the dollar (especially used equipment), but for the top-of-the-line stuff like you seen on TV, you better be prepared to spend some money. Most of those machines have financing available though, so if you are spending more than the monthly financing fee on your gym membership, you could save money by financing the top-of-the-line equipment.

No Need for the Best Equipment to get Results

Just because a late night infomercial promising instant results sounds like the direction you want to go in, you have to remember: You will only get the results you want if you actually do the work. You could easily get in top physical shape with absolutely no equipment at all if you work hard enough. If you are willing to put in the work, nice equipment will definitely help, but it all starts with you. 

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