Weight Watchers: The Basics to Reshaping Your Life

Weight Watchers: The Basics to Reshaping Your Life

Weight watchers is a diet and weight loss support program that in now one of the leading ways to lose weight in a healthy manner. It is not just about losing, but also about maintaining for life. With a motto of “invincible starts here” and high online reviews discussing the success of others, it is a diet that should be considered by anyone trying to lose some of those unwanted pounds.

The History

This program was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1961; a 38 year old woman who was 20 pounds overweight. She was a housewife who was unhappy and frustrated with diets and fads that she had tried without success.  She was able to successfully lose the extra weight by going through a clinic sponsored by the New York City Board of Health. However, she found it very hard to stay motivated to stay on the diet without some added moral support.

She found some friends and neighbors who desired to lose also and this started a support group which concentrated on discussing ways to lose weight and then maintain the goal weight that they desired. In 1963 Jean formed the Weight Watchers Corporation. In 1978, H.J. Heintz purchased the corporation which now operates successfully in 30 countries. 

Weight Watchers Philosophy

The philosophy behind weight watchers has always been that dieting is only one phase to losing weight. Healthy bodies develop from healthy living, which includes emotional, mental, and physical wellness. This program is not one where you will be forced to buy their food, nor will any foods be off limits. The program works by reducing the number of calories that you take in based on a point system. They provide meetings as well as online tools to help support making good and healthy decisions about food that will help you meet your goals.

The Program

The Weight Watchers program was developed with the help of medical doctors and scientists whose training has been specialized in weight management and nutrition. They consult with accredited experts to provide you with the very best and latest means to a healthy weight loss program.

Under the guidance of leading experts in the area of weight management, it is stated that a very rapid weight loss of more than 2 pounds a week and more than 1% of body weight each week thereafter may cause health problems later on. Such experts advise that a good weight loss and management program depends on making choices to eat healthier foods, smaller portions, and increasing your physical activities which can include working out, yoga, walking, running and swimming. Among these swimming is the best form of exercise easiest on the body while still burning a high amount of calories.

The Meetings

The program has established locations where you can attend meetings; some are run by local franchise owners and others by Weight Watchers International. There is a sign-up fee and a per meeting fee. At the meeting you will meet people from your local area with the same goals in mind, weight loss and looking and feeling better. 

These meetings will have knowledgeable people convey information about healthy eating, nutrition, and local events that you might want to attend with others from the group. At the end of the meeting they have the dreaded weigh in where you must get on a scale to record your weight and monitor your progress. This is done in a positive and motivational manner designed to help keep you on track towards your desired weight goal. 

At the beginning of the program you will decide what weight you would like to be at. The instructors will help and guide you with this decision. Weight Watchers instructors will provide you with the knowledge, and combined with your effort, you will start to see the results of weight loss. You will be guided with a positive mind set on healthy foods along with positive behavioral changes needed in your life.

Online Support

With the advancement in technology and use of the internet came online support for this program. By signing up with the weight watchers log in option you can access your account and get support from the convenience of your own home. This plan can be followed online through the use of mobile apps, digital tools, a restaurant finder, cheat sheet, webcasts.  

Maintaining your Weight

As you start to shed the extra pounds and reach the desired goal weight, you then start a maintenance phase where you will start to add more food to your daily diet. The idea is to be at a stable weight where you are not losing more nor adding more weight back on. 

There are benefits to maintaining your weight goal. Once you achieve your weight goal and stay within 2 pounds of your desired weight for a period of 6 consecutive weigh-ins you will become a lifetime member. At this point there is no longer a fee to attend meetings as long as you weigh in at least once a month and are still within the 2 pounds of your goal weight. Lifetime members also have the opportunity to become receptionists and leaders and share their success story with others who are just starting on the journey. 

As with any diet program, talk with your doctor to determine if it is the right choice for you. Ask if there are any health risks or concerns they may have if you become involved with a program. Knowledge is power so understanding the program such as the cost and time frames of this program can aid in the success of it. While it may seem restrictive at first, the long term benefits are well worth the struggle. Set your goals, use the support of the program and you will soon be amazed at the results of a healthier and happier you.

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