Wellness Spa Retreats: The Hideaway’s for Better Health

Wellness Spa Retreats: The Hideaway’s for Better Health 

Wellness spa retreats… three very magical words that sound like a paradise, and something that everyone should try for the many health benefits they hold.  A chance for one to go unwind from their stressful lifestyle, to renew their mind and body, and get in touch with their inner spirit holds a wealth of benefits. To be able to return feeling better, refreshed, and ready to face the world once again. 

While we have all heard of them, have you taken the time to explore these options and what might be the best option for you? There are many different types and locations that identify themselves as being spas. From several days or weeks to inexpensive or very expensive are just a few of the different options. They can be very general to very specific about the different services offered. The following are some different kinds of wellness spa retreats available. 

Detox Spas

Detox spas are a special form of treatment geared for wellness that are often overseen by medical doctors. Nutritionists and massage therapists are often found taking part in practicing a holistic approach to contributing to a better and healthier lifestyle. For the most part, this type of spa works with people who are facing serious illnesses such as Multiple Scoliosis, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chromes Disease and many others. 

A detox spa will offer treatments such as hydrotherapy, colonics, massage, fitness classes, meditation, and specially developed nutritional meals that will help cleanse the body while providing the proper intake of vitamins and minerals. This will include the consumption of different kinds of organic fruits and vegetables, along with drinking plenty of liquids. There will be the option of fasting alone or as a group. Detox spas have programs that often run at a minimum of a week and up to as long as a month.

Weight Loss Spas

This type of spa is focused on quick weight loss in a short period of time, and back into your favorite clothing. With the overwhelming number of people who are fighting obesity that result in health issues, and cannot seem to find the answer on their own, a weight loss spa may be the answer that can help them achieve that healthy lifestyle. 

The kind of treatment one can expect from this type of spa is a complete physical examination to determine if they are healthy enough to start the program. The treatment and length of treatment will depend on the resort and those conducting the classes. Meals will be low calorie, nutritious and provide the proper amount of food to help lose those extra pounds. 

Exercise will be a big part of the day. Often the day will begin with a morning walk and some aerobic exercise followed by a light breakfast. That will be followed by other forms of exercise which can include activities such as swimming, bowling, riding a bicycle, working in a weight room or sauna, and practicing yoga. The focus will be for a body’s metabolism to kick in and start burning those extra calories. Lunch and dinner will be served and then it’s back to more classes. There will be some classroom instruction provided to help guide someone down the right path of long term weight loss that can be used in everyday life after leaving the spa. 

Addiction Recovery Spas

These wellness spa retreats are designed to help people fighting addiction problems. There are many different types of spas geared to help many kinds of addictions. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, sex, nicotine, eating disorders or gambling, one can find a resort that can help them break the habits and problems they face. 

Wellness spa retreats may be just the thing needed to get a life turned around and on track with some successful goal setting, and onto a healthier and better lifestyle. It is important that time is taken to determine which one will work best in someone’s life. Asking questions and getting referrals should always be considered, as well as what services are offered and the expected results when guidelines are followed. These programs will work when one works the program, and can change a life into a healthier and happier way of living.


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