What Does Well Being Mean to You?

What Does Well Being Mean to You? 

What does well being mean to you…to many it can mean something very unique. We all come from different walks in life, and the lifestyles we have and problems that we face are differing. According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of well being is “The state or condition of being well; welfare; happiness; prosperity; as, virtue is essential to the well-being of men or of society.”  

This being said, well being can be broken down into three categories which are mental, social and physical. 


The physical side is the easiest to define. You can look in the mirror and say “Wow, I am in great shape! or “Wow, I need to get into shape.” It is easy to determine if you need to take off a few pounds to get back to your desired weight. Often times when you view yourself as overweight, you will find self-comforting excuses for being overweight. Meanwhile those that look like a well-trained athlete will find a reason to do one more pushup or run the extra mile just to make their body look better in their eyes. 

For our internal health we have doctors and examinations that can check for heart disease, different types of cancers, diabetes, and many other conditions that can be causing a problem now or in the future. We have guidelines for what type of food is the healthiest, how much we should eat and how much we should exercise to maintain our physical wellness. The four things that you can control are what you eat, drink, and the amount of exercise and rest you get that your body needs to maintain overall good health. 

Mental and Emotional 

What does well being mean to our mental and emotional wellness? This is much harder to define simply because there are so many variables that figure into them. Our mental well being comes from our past experiences and trials, from our current surroundings, the environment we were raised up in, and from what we have learned and retained in our memory. People who tend to surround themselves with positive people who are self-motivated tend to follow in the same path of success. While those who find excuses for failure tend to stay on the same downhill spiral. We can prepare our mental state of being by learning.

Our emotional side is a choice of being happy or depressed in the situations we are faced with. It is very easy to share a smile or speak an encouraging word to others. We fail to understand what we give them freely can be returned to us many times over, even something as simple as a smile. The health benefits of a smile are simply amazing. Choosing to be happy and to help others results in choosing to be emotionally happy. 


What does well being mean to you in your social life? For some it might be their big home and others the high dollar sports car in the garage, both of which will make a large social statement to their friends and family. For others it might mean who they get to hang out with, such as going to parties or who they go on vacation with. They perceive this as a level of achievement. All are worthwhile to strive for but when we take a look at people like Mother Teresa who spent her lifetime helping people in poverty and giving all she had, and not asking for anything in return, that is the name we remember today.

Making good friends, working hard to meet your needs and desires, learning from the past, and increasing your knowledge and then sharing it with others are all goals that can help a person and their overall well being. If you are not happy with where you are in your life today then try to make your surroundings better. If you are happy where you are at in life then remember to enjoy it and do not take the simple things in life for granted. By doing these things you will find the answer to “What does well being mean to you?”



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