What Exercise Burns Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns Belly Fat? 

We all face the challenge of what exercise burns belly fat best when we workout, and maintaining a healthy weight for our bodies. One of the first areas we notice weight gain seems to be in the waist. You will hear words like muffin top, beer belly or love handles which are all synonymous with being overweight. So what can one do to help this problem that seems to plague the vast majority today?

What Exactly is it?

The stomach muscles are a series of core interconnected muscles known as the abdominal muscles, or for short, abs. Belly fat is a simple sign of abdominal obesity. The link between extra belly fat and the morbidity of cardiovascular disease has been well researched and documented. It is important that you do as much as possible to reduce the amount of belly fat that you are carrying before it becomes an irreversible problem. 

We all have great abs, some are just covered with layers of fat that hide them. So how do we get to the point to be able to show them off? The answer is simple; we find ways to start burning some of the layers of fat.

What Exercise Burns Belly Fat?

Three basic ways to start losing the extra pounds is easy and can be done by anyone. What exercise burns belly fat best is walking, swimming and jogging. According to Professor Michael Jensen of the Mayo Clinic, intense aerobic exercise will result in being leaner around the abdomen. 

These exercises start the process of losing weight. You can start doing the localized training by doing crunches and sit ups, and you will start developing and reshaping your abdominal muscles. Building muscle helps increase your metabolism which helps burn excess calories thus burning the extra fat in the abdominal area.

There are several specific exercises that can increase the strength of your abdominals and target that problematic area specifically. According to Natural News these exercises are superior for tightening and developing your stomach muscles:

Bicycle Exercise

Long Arm Crunch 

Vertical Leg Crunch

Exercise Ball Crunch

Captain's Chair Leg Raise

These exercises consist of large movement and will burn more calories than smaller isolated exercises. The more muscles you use the more reshaping you will do and the more calories you will burn. This is a great start to loosing that unsightly belly fat. These exercises are designed so that low stress is put on your lower back, unlike sit ups and crunches. 

Other Important Factors to Losing Weight

It is easy to get caught up with the advertisements that promise a well maintained and slim sexy body that we see on the models that are being paid to promote the products. Wouldn’t we all love to look like they do?

One of the main keys to loosing and maintaining our overall weight is good nutrition. People who think that not eating anything for a week or ten days have it completely wrong. This will cause weight gain due to your body going into starvation mode. This will make your body store fat faster in order to survive the lack of food intake.

Sometimes a person will starve themselves for days then binge eat on their favorite foods that they find hard to resist and often actually gain more weight than they have been able to loose. 

It is important to remember that what exercise burns belly fat best is healthy for you and starts with eating right and exercising in a healthy manner such as walking, swimming and running. Being consistent, motivated, and positive are key to losing weight and belly fat. Also, before any exercise routine is begun you should consider consulting with your family doctor to ensure your ability to do strenuous physical activity.

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