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In the business of the modern world, a working person often doesn't have time to squeeze in a regular gym visit or an hour's worth of jogging. This is why working out from the confines of one's own home is more than beneficial. However, what should you do at home? There aren't many exercises out there you could do at home, aside from pushups, squats and maybe a couple more typical exercises off the top of your mind. This couldn't be less accurate – with little or no money, you too can turn your spare room into a workout area.


Let's start with the most famous one as of recently. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) routines seem to have taken over the world of outside workout routines. However, these exercises can easily be transcribed into the comfort of your own home. The perks of the HIIT training are plenty – however, in addition to helping you speed up your metabolism, and ridding you of the unwanted fat, while not dwindling your muscle mass, these exercises pay compliments to your time – they are extremely quick to finish (sometimes hitting the lows of 10 minutes). The name of the game, when it comes to this type of exercise, is going really hard for an amount of time and then recovering for a set amount – then repeat.

Short Workouts

On the previous note of HIIT, short workouts are picking up on pace – and why shouldn't they? Who has the time for a workout routine that lasts for hours on end anymore? Things such as 7 minute workouts have been popping around a lot as of recently. It's easier to remain consistent and on-schedule when there isn't too much time needed for setting aside when it comes to working out. 7 minutes of working out, plus a maximum of 15 minutes for a shower, and you're done quicker than you can say "a 20-minute Comedy Central comedy series episode".

Weightlifting at Home

There are a lot of people who simply want to lift weights for the workout routine, but going to the gym doesn't only tend to be difficult in terms of actually getting to the actual place, but also (especially if you are an introvert) in terms of having to constantly be surrounded by a bunch of various people. Take a look at weightlifting gear essentials and see which ones work for the muscles you plan on improving.

Make a Home Gym

A while back, you'd have to seek professional advice (and probably go out of your pocket for it), this can be found effortlessly and completely free nowadays. There is a ton of workout routines available online. The main perk here is the fact that you'll get to find the routines to fit your exact needs. If you have enough space (i.e. a spare room), why not make it into a workout studio?

So there you have it, modern ways of naturally doing what is truly healthy. Incorporate a healthy diet along with an exhausting workout, and enjoy a life of a healthy body and a strong spirit.

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This article was written by Kate Flannery, a health and fitness blogger from Perth. She is a linguistics major who spends her time doing Body Combat or walking her dogs. You can follow her on Twitter.

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