Benefits of Practicing Yoga from Childhood

Benefits of Practicing Yoga from Childhood

Yoga is seen as a practice or lifestyle for people in their mid-life, from age 35, but this is not always the case. Practicing yoga from childhood can be more beneficial when started at an early age. Many benefits occur to children due to their young age and the process of early development. 

Yoga from Childhood

Starting yoga at an early age was a plus for me. My yoga teacher says I do not have to struggle now as I learned the basics well in my childhood. A child's brain has a sharp short-term memory, and is not occupied with too many responsibilities. Hence it is easier to follow simple instructions that consist of yoga basics.

Yoga taught me how to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time, which is the key thing in yoga. Children are easily distracted by simple things occurring in their environment. This concentration is evidently transferred to other avenues such as class-work and carrying out chores at home. 

It's Fun

I always looked forward to yoga time away from all the books, teachers and chores. It was always a time to finally take a break, relax and try out new things that the teacher always had in mind. All tension was relieved and we could finally be free to think and imagine anything. Adventure was always part of yoga. The thrill of it kept me trying new things and building an inspiration to imagine even bigger and wilder things before trying them out practically. 

Time Consciousness

My yoga classes would start at quarter past four. This was the first hour I could confidently identify on the clock. It earned me my first wrist watch for a present at an early age of five! I had to plan my day to give enough room for yoga at quarter past four. This taught how to prioritize activities and forfeit those that weren't so important at a very early age. 

Culture of Success

There exists no such vocabulary as failing in yoga. It is a competition with oneself so everyone is a winner. One learns how to get past the challenge and dwell in success. As a child, one learns how to succeed every day, how to find the motivation to succeed from within, how to harness all their natural abilities and energies in success and how to be true to oneself. This culture is transferred throughout every aspect of the child's life. It generates joy, health and makes the child outgoing. This averts some common disorders in children associated with loneliness like depression. 


Every parent wants to secure the best possible future for their child. Yoga classes can start as early as at two years of age with the guidance of graceful teachers who have years of experience. Laying a strong foundation early enough in your child's life ensures a more relaxed and confident future in this fast paced world. Prepare them to handle life, to love who they are and be the best they can be with yoga.

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Alina from UK, travel enthusiast who loves to share her travel stories on different blogs. Presently she is working on behalf of Sri Lanka Visa which provides visa assistance when visiting Sri Lanka. She understands how yoga can help when traveling so she shares her experience and awareness of how yoga from childhood can be beneficial for others.

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